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Raateland Dressage Horses
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A new superstar at the stables of Raateland Dressage Horses; a four-year old black stallion by Painted Black! You will find more information, photos and videos soon on the website and Facebook page of RDH.
9 October 2014 - Welcome black beauty!
Super Star RDH
Geert-Jan Raateland used the subtopwedstrijd in Oud-Gastel in preparation for the selections of the KNHS indoor championships, which will start in two weeks, and could book already nice results. He won the ZZ-Zwaar with Crespo RDH and debuted in the Prix St. Georges with TC Beaudeux RDH with a fine third place. The ZZ-Zwaar resulted in a victory for Geert-Jan Raateland with Crespo RDH (v Vivaldi.) with a score of almost 70%.
2 November 2014 - Good preparations for the selections!
Crespo RDH
Today Geert-Jan Raateland competed with Elvis RDH (v. Apache) during the President Cup. Geert-Jan was really happy with the progres Elvis RDH is currently making. Unfortunately the judges where not so keen and gave this combination 72%.
9 November 2014 - President Cup with Elvis RDH
Geert-Jan Raateland competed today during the first selections in Delft. With Crespo RDH (v. Vivaldi) he ended on a nice fourth place with a score of 69,89%
16 November 2014 - First selections ZZ-Zwaar championships
Crespo RDH
Elvis RDH
TC Zorro RDH (v. Jazz) keeps on making progression. Today Geert Jan has competed with the Jazz son in the Inter II and not without success; this combination won with almost 67%!
21 November 2014 - TC Zorry RDH wins Inter II!
Today Geert Jan was very happy with TC Zorro RDH (v. Jazz), he won the Inter II class with 71%! Also TC Beaudeux RDH did her very best in the Prix St. George and that resulted in a score of almost 67%. A top day for Raateland Dressage Horses!
30 November 2014 - TC Zorro RDH again winner of the Inter II!
One of the shooting stars of Raateland Dressage Horses, Crespo RDH (v. Vivaldi), has started the new year strongly. Today during a ZZ-Zwaar competition in Hulten (NL), the young talent was unbeatable and won! A great rehersal for Crespo RDH and Geert-Jan for their last selections of the Dutch Indoor Championships 2015.
10 January 2015 - Crespo RDH has a great start of the new year!
Geert Jan's Grand Prix horse and "friend" Zorro RDH is sold to Germany. Geert Jan had a special bond with the son of Jazz and the duo also achieved many successes both in young horses competitions as at national level. Under the guidance of trainer Nicole Werner this combination booked a lot of progress in the heavy Grand Prix work. Raateland Dressage Horses will miss Zorro RDH and wishes the new owners lots of success with this special horse.
19 January 2015 - Grand Prix horse Zorro RDH sold to Germany
Zorro RDH
geert_jan_raateland011002.jpg geert_jan_raateland011001.jpg
Crespo RDH
Geert-Jan performed well this weekend in a stong field during the Dutch Indoor Championships with Crespo RDH (v. Vivaldi). The impressive gelding proves time and time again that he belongs to one of the top dressage horses from the Netherlands. Geert-Jan is very pleased with the performance of his top horse. The talented gelding is now being trained for the small tour.
1 March 2015 - Crespo RDH fifth during Dutch Championships ZZ-zwaar!
Crespo RDH
Today Geert Jan had to competed early this morning with the impressive stallion Don Bravour RDH during the first selections ZZ Light for the Dutch outdoor championships. It was a beautiful debut with the full brother of the KWPN approved stallion Bon Bravour, which at this moment is being ridden by Anky van Grunsven, because Geert Jan and Don Bravour RDH won the selections with 67%.
17 May 2015 - Don Bravour shows his talent during the first selection of the ZZ Light!
Geert Jan competed this weekend during the first selections of the Dutch outdoor championships with Crespo RDH (v. Vivaldi) very successful in the Prix St. George. This was the first time that Geert Jan competed the son of Vivaldi at this level which resulted in a beautiful second place. Geert Jan also competed with Beau Deux RDH (v. Ravel) at this class. He road the talented mare on safe which resulted in a 9th place.
3 May 2015 - Crespo RDH keeps on improving!
Cespo RDH
Geert Jan competed this weekend during the third selection of the Dutch Outdoor championships in Ermelo with Crespo RDH (v. Vivaldi) very successful during the small tour (Prix St. George'. The impressive son of Vivaldi won this class with Geert Jan! Geert Jan also competed with Beau Deux RDH (v. Ravel'. This mare keeps on improving and ended in the small tour on an eight place.
31 May 2015 - Crespo RDH wins second selection in the small tour!
Today Geert Jan competed with the strong and impressive stallion Don Bravour RDH during the third selection ZZ Light of the Dutch Outdoor championships. Also this selection has been won by this stallion with 70%! Don Bravour was really impressive this time during the competition and Geert Jan is really curious how this will develop further.
6 June 2015 - Don Bravour RDH wins the third selection of the ZZ Light!
Last weekend there was an international dressage competition during CDI Outdoor Gelderland at Papendaal (NL) for a.o. the Small Tour. Geert Jan was having his international debut with his top horse Crespo RDH (v. Vivaldi). And what a dream debut! The first class on thursday July 2nd the won with almost 70% during extreem weather conditions. On Sunday July 5th the freestyle on music was on the program which resulted in a beautiful third place with a score of over 70%. This looks very promissing for the Dutch Championships later this month and were Geert Jan and Crespo RDH will do their outmost best to win gold!
5 July 2015 - What an international dream debut of Crespo RDH!